Widget Window

The Widget Window settings is where you can customize the look of your widget when it is opened. You will have the ability to add a title and subtitle to welcome visitors, select your primary and secondary colors to match your company branding and upload a logo image.

Widget Title & Subtitle

Here you can update the title and subtitle of your widget that will show to users when they open the widget.

Widget Colors

Choose a primary color for your widget by clicking on the color block and pasting in your color code or selecting a color from the color picker. This color will show at the top of your widget, in the background of each widget tool icon, and in the close widget button.

Selecting Colors

When selecting colors for your widget, you have the ability to click & drag the icon shown here in order to select any color you want.

Color Selection Controls

When adjusting the colors of your widget, you have some different options that let you fine-tune the color and make sure it fits your brand perfectly!

  1. Color Slider - Slide back and forth to change the base widget color.

  2. Color Code Input - Configure your widget colors with color codes.

  3. Change Color Code Type - Change the type of color codes you use to configure widget colors.

Color Code Options

  • Hex Codes - A hex code is a six-digit hexadecimal code that describes a color's composition. It starts with a "#" sign and is followed by three pairs of numbers or letters. The first pair represents the amount of red in the color, the second pair represents the amount of green, and the third pair represents the amount of blue.

  • RGB - RGB (red, green and blue) refers to a system representing the colors used on a digital display screen. Red, green and blue can be combined in various proportions to obtain any color in the visible spectrum.

  • HSL - HSL stands for hue, saturation, and lightness. HSLA color values are an extension of HSL with an Alpha channel (opacity).

Widget Logo (Top Image)

Upload your business logo to show on your widget, or upload an image you’d like to use for your widget icon. This will show at the top of the widget when it is opened.

Uploading Logo Image

  1. Image Zoom - Slider to incrementally increase or decrease the zoom on your logo image.

  2. Rotate Image - Slider to incrementally increase or decrease the rotation of your logo image.

  3. 90-Degree Rotation - Rotate your logo image by increments of 90 degrees.

  4. Image Zoom (alt) - Zoom in/out on your logo image.

  5. Reset Zoom & Rotation - Resets all zoom and rotation changes.

  6. Load Different Image - Replace the current logo image with a different image of your choice.

Floating Action Button Icon

You have two options when it comes to the action button icon. This icon is what users will see on your website based on your widget configuration.

Default Icons

Select from a variety of icon options we have built-in for your convenience

Use the same image as your widget logo for inside the Floating Action Button (FAB)

Reset to Default

This button allows you to reset to the default icon quickly. The default icon is a "chat bubble" icon.

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