Adding New Widgets

  • Click on the “+” icon next to the widget drop-down selector. When you hover over the button you will see a tooltip that reads "Add new widget"

  • A new widget will be added with a default name with a 13-digit random number

    • Example: Widget 1671661186558

Selecting & Changing Widgets

When you are ready to start editing your widgets, you will need to select your widget from the list of purchased widgets. If you are on the free plan, you will only have 1 widget to choose from.

Renaming Widgets

  • By default, the new widget will have a unique identifier (a mix of letters and numbers).

  • You can easily click on this identifier to rename the widget as per your preference.

Duplicating Widgets

  • If you've perfected a widget and wish to use it as a template for another page, use the "duplicate" feature.

Deleting Widgets

Deleting Widgets is Permanent

Before proceeding with the widget deletion, it's crucial to note that deleting a widget is a permanent action. Once a widget is deleted, it cannot be restored. Ensure you want to remove the widget entirely from your account before proceeding with deletion.

How To Delete a Widget

  • Locate the Red 'Delete Widget' Button: On the left side of your widget builder interface until you see a red button labeled 'Delete Widget'.

  • Click on 'Delete Widget': After clicking this button, a new prompt will appear.

  • Confirm Widget Removal: The prompt will display a 'Confirm Widget Removal' button, along with options for confirming or canceling the action. You will have the choice to select 'Yes, I want to delete it' or 'No, I do not want to delete this.'

    • If you choose 'Yes': The widget will be permanently deleted.

    • If you choose 'No': The widget will remain in your account.

When Should I Delete a Widget?

While customization options are available through updating your conversion tools and targeted prompts, there might be specific scenarios where you should delete a widget. One such case is if someone unauthorized gains access to your installation code. Under such circumstances, deleting the widget is highly recommended.

Widget Preview Window

As you edit and change your widgets, you will have a preview window showing all of your changes LIVE right when you change them! You will also have the capability to use the widget as you edit it to test out the features and functionality!

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