Office Hours

Configuring Office Hours manages the visibility of interactive elements inside of your widget, such as Conversion Tools™ and Smart Popups™, to visitors and users during specified times.

  • Set Schedules: Define specific days and hours when Conversion Tools™ and Smart Popups™ will appear to visitors and users.

  • Breaks and Availability: Schedule breaks to indicate times when you won't be available during your "Open Days".

  • Time Zone & Format: Adjust these settings to reflect your local time and preferred format for ease of configuring your availability.

  • Office hours ONLY set visibility for Conversion Tools™ and Targeted Prompts™.

  • Office hours DO NOT control whether the entire widget is shown or hidden.

  • When office hours are set, you can adjust the "visibility settings" in Conversion Tools™ and Targeted Prompts™ while configuring each tool or prompt.

How to Configure Office Hours

When you are looking to add Office Hours, you will need to pay attention to a few different settings and buttons:

  1. Timezone Picker - Change the timezone to match where your widget is installed.

  2. Time Format - Apply either 12-Hour (AM/PM) or 24-Hour format to your time picker. This is entirely preference and has no positive or negative affect on how this setting functions.

  3. Day & Time Selection - Choose the days and times that will operate as your "Open Days".

Choose Timezone

Choose a timezone from the dropdown menu based on your business time zone.

Pick Time Format

Choose whether you’d like to use 12-Hour or 24-Hour time by clicking on the corresponding option.

For Example: 12-Hour time schedules include AM/PM, and 24-Hour time schedules run from 0-23 hours in the day.

Choosing Days & Times

To set your office hours, start by selecting the days you want to be your "Open Days". Simply click the day of the week and you will the day with time selectors show on the screen as seen below.

Configure Times

After you have assigned the days to be your "Open Days", you will need to assign the time schedules for each day. You can either type the time in, or click the clock icon. By clicking the clock icon, you will see a time selector pop up on your screen.

Apply All

If all of your "Open Days" follow the same time schedule, you can save time when setting your office hours by clicking the "Apply All" button after you've configured a single day. By doing this, you will apply the time configuration to all the days in your Office Hours schedule based on the time configuration from that single day.

Adding Break Times

If you would like to set break times where you are not available within certain days, click on the "Add Break Time" button. Here you can set break times that would assign you as unavailable for that time period, regardless of the day being an "Open Day".

You can only add a maximum of 3 Break Times during any single day in your Office Hours schedule. After adding 3 Break Times, you will see the button to add more will not be clickable.

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