Understanding Conversion Tools™

Conversion Tools™ are specialized functionalities built into your widgets that aim to convert visitors into leads, subscribers, or customers. These tools can range from simple call-to-action (CTA) buttons to more complex features like calendars, forms, and interactive content. They are designed to engage visitors and guide them towards a desired action, thereby increasing the likelihood of winning business and driving up the site's conversion rate. With Conversion Tools™ integrated into your widget, you can effectively capture user interest, gather valuable data, and foster meaningful interactions.

Adding Conversion Tools™

First, head to the "Engagement" section of your widget builder. Once there, click on "Conversion Tools™." If you've already added some tools, you'll see them listed here. If you don't have any tools added to your widget, simply click on the "Add Tool" button to see a list of available tools.

Conversion Tool™ Library

Once you click "Add Tool", you will see a popup on your screen with a list of all available Conversion Tools that can be added to your widget. There are tools for all kinds of different use cases, and they can be mixed and matched to build the ultimate widget for your website!

Click on any of the following links to learn more about that specific Conversion Tool™ ⬇️

Preview Window: Main View vs Tool View

This feature is only visible when you are configuring a Conversion Tool™

After you have added 2 or more Conversion Tools™ to your widget, you will see a new action at the top of the preview window when configuring a tool.There will be 2 buttons you can click to change the preview view between the "Main View" and "Tool View".

This feature gives you the ability to see changes that are made INSIDE the tool you're configuring, and OUTSIDE the tool in the main widget view.

1. Main View

Clicking on "Main View" lets you see the list of all your Conversion Tools™. This is the view that visitors on your website will see when they open your Engagement Widget™.

2. Tool View

Switching to "Tool View” displays the specific tool you've selected for customization. This is the view that visitors to your website will see when they open the Conversion Tool™ in your Engagement Widget™.

Other Conversion Tool™ Settings

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