Creating Smart Popups

Creating Smart Popups™ allows you to target website visitors and current customers in many different areas of your website, sales funnel, and/or software application.

Naming Popups

Enable/Disable Popups

You can enable or disable your Smart Popups at any time. Once enabled, your popup will show on every page where your widget is installed unless you have configured Display Settings filters. Once disabled, your popup will no longer show anywhere.

Quick Enable/Disable Option

You can also Enable/Disable Smart Popups™ from the popup list by clicking the "status" icon.

Display Settings

In display settings, you can configure WHERE to show your new Smart Popup™ by creating URL conditions such as "URL Contains: /home". These segments and conditions can be grouped together to create powerful targeting and give you complete control over where your popups are shown.

Creating Segments

Segments are the top layer for display setting conditions. Without segments, there are no conditions.

Multiple segments can be created for a single popup, and have multiple conditions in each segment. If you create multiple segments, you will need to assign the AND/OR function to all of the segments created.

Meaning, the popup will only show if:

  • ALL of the segments are true (AND)

  • Or ANY of the segments are true (OR)

Adding Conditions to Segments

When creating segments, you are required to add 1 or more conditions to that segment.

When adding conditions, you can add as many conditions to a single segment as you need. When you choose the function of the conditions (AND/OR), all of the conditions in that segment will be assigned that function.

Meaning, the popup will only show if:

  • ALL of the conditions in that segment are true (AND)

  • Or ANY of the conditions in that segment are true (OR)

Important Note About Segments and Conditions:

You cannot mix and match the AND/OR function in between or inside of segments.

  • If you choose the AND function, that means ALL of the segments or conditions must will have the AND function.

  • If you choose the OR function, that means ANY of the segments or conditions can individually control whether the popup shows or not.

Example 1: (must ALL be true to show popup)

Segment 1 "AND" Segment 2 "AND" Segment 3

Example 2: (ANY can be true to show popup)

URL Contains - support "OR" URL Ends With - .com "OR" URL Contains - /blog

Cover Media

You can spice up your Smart Popups™ by adding images and videos to them, capturing more attention from your intended audience and even educating them all with the same popup!

To add images and videos to your Smart Popups™, first toggle the "Cover Media" switch to the ON position. Once you do this, you will see some new settings appear on your screen.

Reminder: You cannot add images or videos to Banner Popups

Add Images/GIFs

Using CRM Media

Add YouTube Videos

Add Vimeo Videos

Add Loom Videos

Adding Text in Smart Popups™

Introduction Text

Body Text

Linking Conversion Tools™ to Smart Popups™

Select Specific Conversion Tools™

Trigger Settings

Visibility Settings

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