Gives you and your customers the ability to build the forms and surveys in your CRM and bring them directly into your widget to be used anywhere the widget is installed..

Use Cases:

  • Lead capture with various signup forms like a newsletter

  • Promote new products and offerings and collect customer opt-ins

  • Provide “support ticket” submissions for customers

  • Offer holiday discounts and promotion opt-in forms

Configure Forms/Surveys Tool

Step 1: Open Tool

Navigate to your widget management area in your CRM software and open the Forms/Surveys tool.

If you have not added this tool to your widget yet, add the tool first, then you can configure the tool settings. Click here to learn how to add new Conversion Tools™

Step 2: Set Tool Titles

Title: Set the name of the Forms/Surveys tool that will be displayed on the initial widget view.

Panel Title: Define the text that appears at the top of the Forms/Surveys tool once it's activated by a visitor.

Step 3: Configure Tool Visibility

In the Tool Visibility section, specify when the Forms/Surveys tool should be visible based on your office hours found in the widget settings.

Step 4: Choose Form or Survey

Next you will have a choice to display either a Form or Survey. Each has different benefits and use cases, and you should always take those benefits and use cases into consideration before adding them to your widget.

Step 5: Select Specific Form or Survey

After you choose between Forms and Surveys, you will need to select the specific Form or Survey to add into your widget. Once you select the form you want to add to you widget, you can see in the widget preview window on the right side of the screen.

The preview window is fully functional and allows you to see exactly how the form or survey will look in real-time inside of your widget, and allows you to test it before deploying it to your website or your website!

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