Tool Icons

Use different icons to personalize your Conversion Tools™ and to give your prospects and customers a better indication of what they are interacting with.

Our icons come from a library of icons called Font Awesome. If you find an icon that is not in our default icon library, let us know and we’ll work on getting it integrated into the system.

Click here to learn more about Font Awesome Icons

Default Icons

To change the icon for your Conversion Tool™, scroll down to the Main Navigation Icons setting. You will see the DEFAULT ICON given to your Conversion Tool™.

Click on the dropdown menu and select the icon you would like to use for your Conversion Tool™. Make sure to save your changes once you change your Conversion Tool™ icon.

Custom Icons

This feature is not yet available

When this feature is released, you will have the ability to upload your own icon instead of needing to use an icon from our icon set.

Reset to Default Icon

If you want to change your icon back to the default icon at any time simply click the button shown in the image below.

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