Single Tool vs Multi-Tool Layout

Depending on your specific setup and preferred configuration, the appearance of your Conversion Tools™ within your widget can vary between two formats, Single Tool Display or Multi-Tool Display, depending on the number of tools you've added.

Single Tool Layout

If you choose to include ONLY ONE Conversion Tool™ in your widget, it will automatically be presented to the website visitor or customer when the widget is opened.

Multi-Tool Display

If you add 2 OR MORE Conversion Tools™, your tools will show as clickable buttons inside your widget when a prospect or customer opens the widget. We call this the "multi-tool layout".

This arrangement provides prospects and customers the flexibility to select the specific Conversion Tools™ they wish to utilize, as depicted below. Once the desired Conversion Tool™ is clicked by your prospect or customer, that tool will open inside the widget.

With a multi-tool layout, the prospect or customer can always click the BACK button when inside of a specific Conversion Tool™ if they want to navigate back to the main widget view and choose a different tool to interact with.

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