Link Launcher


Provides the ability to add buttons to your widget that link to external sources.

Use Cases

  • Link to social media accounts

  • Link to payment portals

  • Link to educational hubs

  • Create “Click to Call” buttons

  • Create affiliate link trees

Step 1: Open Tool

Navigate to your widget management area in your CRM software and open the Link Launcher tool.

If you have not added this tool to your widget yet, add the tool first, then you can configure the tool settings. Click here to learn how to add new Conversion Tools™

Step 2: Set Tool Title

Title: Set the name of the Link Launcher tool that will be displayed on the initial widget view.

Step 3: Configure Tool Visibility

In the Tool Visibility section, specify when the Link Launcher tool should be visible based on your office hours found in the widget settings.

To complete the setup of your Link Launcher tool, simply paste the link into the input field and save.

Link MUST include one of the following protocols:

  • http://

  • https://

  • tel:

  • mailto:

Step 6: Choose Navigation Type

Choose to open the hyperlink in the same browser tab or in a new browser tab.

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