Knowledge Library


Gives you the ability to build libraries of information to be readily accessible through the widget.

Use Cases

  • Give website visitors a robust Frequently Asked Questions library to help close a sale

  • Provide information about your products or services to current customers

  • Teach and train people by building a structured educational course using categories and rich media content

Configure Knowledge Library

Step 1: Open Tool

Navigate to your widget management area in your CRM software and open the Knowledge Library tool.

If you have not added this tool to your widget yet, add the tool first, then you can configure the tool settings. Click here to learn how to add new Conversion Toolsβ„’

Step 2: Set Tool Titles

  • Title: Set the name of the Knowledge Library tool that will be displayed on the initial widget view.

  • Panel Title: Define the text that appears at the top of the Knowledge Library tool once it's activated by a visitor.

Step 3: Configure Tool Visibility

In the Tool Visibility section, specify when the Knowledge Library tool should be visible based on your office hours found in the widget settings.

Step 4: Choose Knowledge Library Type

You have two options for your Knowledge Library:

  • Built-in: Craft the FAQ section from scratch.

  • External: Link an external knowledge base via URL.

Built-In Knowledge Library

With the Built-In Knowledge Library you can build a custom knowledge base complete with categories and sections using rich text and media embeds from YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom.

Add FAQ Section

  1. Click on Add FAQ Section.

  2. Input your FAQ section's name (such as "General Questions") in the popup that appears on your screen.

  3. Confirm by clicking Save.

You can add as many FAQ sections as you'd like to your knowledge library. Simply follow the same steps outlined above to add more sections.

When you add a new SECTION, it will NOT contain any FAQ Items (question/answer pair)

Default Sections

When the Knowledge Library tool is first opened, the DEFAULT SECTION will be the first section that appears, along with all the FAQ Items in that section. To mark a particular section as DEFAULT, simply click the STAR icon in that section.

Add FAQ Items To Section

  1. Select "Add FAQ Item"

  2. Choose the FAQ Section where you want to insert the FAQ Item.

  3. Add your question.

  4. Provide the answer to your question in the text box.

  5. Conclude by hitting Save.

Take advantage of various formatting tools at your disposal: headers, bullet lists, embed video options, text styles, and more.

No matter which section an FAQ Item belongs to, you can mark it as "Popular". By doing this, a brand new FAQ Section will be created titled "Most Popular".

All "Popular" FAQ Items will show in that new section AND in their original section.

You cannot make the "Most Popular" section the default section

Reordering FAQ Sections & Items

The entire FAQ, both FAQ Sections and FAQ Items within a section can be reordered by dragging and dropping. Simply click the 6 dots icon and drag the section or item up or down.



FAQ Items can be moved from one FAQ Section to another by simply dragging and dropping the FAQ Item from one section to the desired section.

External Knowledge Library

With the External Knowledge Library option you have the ability to iframe an external knowledge library from another platform such as Gitbook, Tawk to, and other URL-based knowledge libraries.

To add an external knowledge library simply:

  1. Select "External" in the drop down to change the knowledge library type,

  2. Then paste your knowledge library URL into the input field.

Your external knowledge library will show up in the preview window so you can see what it will look like inside your widget.

External Knowledge Library will not work if the platform you're trying to embed does not allow iframing.

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